What you can do

Wherever you stand on logging, environmental, wildfire or recreation issues please use your voice to demand a full public consultation so that a dialogue can occur.

The ONLY way to be heard is to HAVE A VOICE about YOUR CONCERNS. Letter writing matters. Only when enough people speak will government listen.


Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Your Member of Legislative Assembly
Development, Hon. Diana McQueen www.assembly.ab.ca
132 Legislature Building, 10800 97 Avenue,
Edmonton AB T5K 2B6
780 427-1800
Please cc. info@sustaink.ca on your email


To be powerful YOUR LETTER must present YOUR CONCERNS

There are four main concerns: lack of public consultation; adequate fire protection; trails protection; environmental impacts including watershed protection.

Help ensure your letter is read and registered rather than ignored. Give your Name, Address, Phone Number and the date. If you print your email to send it by post, remember to add your signature.

Points you might want to raise
Tips on writing to government — from CPAWs
Who to send your letter to click here Please cc info@sustainK.ca

What to do if you‘ve written but haven‘t felt HEARD

You can call your MLA‘s office and ask for an appointment to register your concerns and request for further public consultation.
If you have received a form letter, you can also ask your MLA to request a meeting with the minister on your behalf and you can write again with further concerns.

Questions to consider:
Here are some questions to ask yourself and to pose to the decision makers

  • What is the planned public consultation process?
  • Will there be an open house in Calgary? If not why?
  • Will the open house(s) be facilitated by an independent third party? If not why?
  • Will Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) be on hand to answer questions about fire containment? If not why?
  • Will the open house simply be a presentation of the logging plans or will SLS and SRD be accountable and actually make changes to the logging plans based on public feedback?
  • Who is in charge of planning the fire breaks?
  • What portions of the proposed logging areas are planned for fire containment and what areas are simply for logging purposes?
  • Are the firebreaks going to be maintained free of trees?
  • What type of scientific study and consultation has been done with planning the logging cut blocks and their impact on water shed, wildlife and tourism.
  • Does Spray Lake Sawmill have Forest Stewardship Council certification? If not why?
  • Is Spray Lake Sawmills prepared to delay logging in this area for at least another year to allow sufficient time for meaningful public consultation?
  • Is Sustainable Resource Development prepared to delay logging operations until a complete public consultation process has taken place? If not, why?

Letter Writing Tips:

  • Be respectful. They are more likely to listen to your point if it is not accompanied by abuse.
  • Tell them something about yourself. A simple phrase such as “I live in the Bragg Creek area and my family and I are regular recreational users of Kananaskis Country”.
  • Be concise. Write on only one issue at a time, and clearly state your point early in the letter. Try to keep the letter to one page.
  • Request that a particular action be taken. “I expect that logging not proceed until a complete and facilitated public consultation has taken place.”
  • Aim for the public interest. Explain why you think your request will benefit the public as a whole, not simply you and your friends.
  • Express yourself naturally. Remember that this is you expressing what is on your mind. You do not have to sound like Lincoln or Churchill.
  • Focus on the key issues important to you. Examples: trails/recreation, watershed, fire protection, environment & complete and facilitated public consultation.
  • Ask for a reply. The best closing sentence is “I look forward to receiving your response”.

These letter writing tips were borrowed from CPAWS

I really want to write a letter but I‘m stuck.

You can use our simple example as a basis for your own letter. Please add your own concerns to this letter. Further information on concerns about fire, watershed and trails protection is available.

Please feel free to cut and paste into your e-mail. We encourage you to personalize it as much as possible.

I am concerned that the current logging plans for the West Bragg Creek region of Kananaskis Country have failed to address a number of issues properly. The public consultation process so far has been poor, with limited access to information and a lack of transparency.

This is a very important issue to me and I politely request that the Province of Alberta not authorize any planned logging activities in the West Bragg Creek region of Kananaskis Country until a complete, facilitated and accessible public consultation process has taken place.

I encourage you to take a leadership role on this issue, bring all interested parties together and help to mediate a resolution that will address the goals and concerns of all interested parties.

I look forward to your reply on this issue and ask that you forward a copy of this letter onto the Minister of Sustainable Resource Development.

(I give permission to have this letter tabled in the Alberta Legislature.)