Sustain Kananaskis

Sustain Kananaskis is a small grass-roots initiative comprised of Bragg Creek and Calgary residents, trail users and outdoor enthusiasts.

We are people who care deeply about the future if Kananaskis Country and what it provides:

  • Clean drinking water
  • A diverse forest ecosystem
  • Accessible recreational opportunities

We are people like you!

Our Mission

Sustain Kananaskis believes that the people who use public land should have influence on the land use decisions for that land. Our mission for the West Bragg Creek recreational area is to ensure Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (ASRD) carries out a facilitated, accessible and meaningful public consultation regarding the proposed logging plan. It is important to note that public consultation is far more complex than talking with a few stakeholders. It involves:

  • Clear and timely communication of input session dates and locations
  • Dialogue with affected groups
  • Accountability regarding use of input to formulate plans and policies

Wildfire Mitigation

ASRD staff have told us that the primary purpose of the logging plan is to implement fire breaks to protect the residents of Greater Bragg Creek from a similar fate as Slave Lake in 2011. Sustain Kananaskis is not opposed to proper wildfire mitigation, but the science behind ASRD's decision-making casts doubt on the effectiveness of the proposed plan. Read more.

The investigation of a fire break in Kananaskis Country has seen local support within two separate plans: the 2007 Greater Bragg Creek Area Structure Plan and the 2011 Bragg Creek Wildfire Mitigation Strategy. Both documents stress a collaborative approach to planning fire breaks as well as the need for public consultation.

Shouldn't the people who are to be the beneficiaries of a plan have a significant input to that plan? Sustain Kananaskis is asking for that to happen.